Meet Our Dogs


Introducing Daisy, the newest addition to our European bench lines! She is super sweet, and very laid back. She can be a little shy at first, but bonds and loves very strongly. She loves to be at your side, observing everything with her quiet intelligence. At the end of the day, her favorite thing is to snuggle under a soft blanket with her favorite toy and favorite people.


Winchester is our beloved Cockalier, out of a European English Cocker Spaniel that we imported for a fellow breeder and their King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Winchester is very loving and social, with a calm and easy-going personality. If you love the spaniel personality, but not always their higher energy levels, one of Winchester's puppies would be a perfect fit for you.


Aza is our UCI-registered European black female. She is sweet, friendly, and very attached to her people. She mothers all the pups, whether they are hers or not! She is also very protective, and is the first to alert when something is amiss. 


Boone is our tri-roan AKC-registered male, from working field lines. He is an energetic, lively ball of fun! He never fails to bring a smile. His tail is always wagging as fast as it can, and he is always on the lookout for his next adventure. He absolutely adores his people, and is driven to the max to please them. Boone is the sweetest, most endearing boy (if a little stubborn at times!), and we love him to pieces.


Clara is our AKC tri-roan female, also from working and champion field lines. She is extremely intelligent and driven to please her people. She's very sweet and very loving, and loves a good run or walk around the neighborhood, where she is friends with every dog she meets. Clara enjoys a good challenge, and is happiest when working alongside her people. At the end of the day, though, she loves nothing more than to snuggle up and enjoy a good chin scratch!