About Us

Hello, and welcome to South Hampton Spaniels! Our story began in 2013, with a trip overseas to Europe and a little red English Cocker Spaniel puppy who came back with us. Little did we know that one sweet puppy would be followed by another the following year, two more the year after that, and that a full-time kennel would be born! Our kennel has evolved and grown over the years, and we as breeders have as well, but our commitment to our puppies and their families has remained the same: healthy, happy, and well-rounded puppies who will become beloved and lifelong companions. Scroll down to meet the family!

Leonid & Vera Gula

Leonid & Vera are the founders of South Hampton Spaniels, and run most of the day-to-day operations. A Master Carpenter by trade, Leonid can usually be found in the backyard, working on some kind of wood project, while the dogs keep him company. He handles the dogs' daily needs, as well as training. Vera is everyone's favorite, as she always has a treat in her pocket! She takes care of all of our puppies, and makes sure that both Moms and Puppies are warm, clean, comfortable, and thriving.

Grandpa Leonid and Grandma Vera, with 15 of their 17 grandchildren. When we say that your puppy will go home very well-socialized with children, we mean it!

Sarah Gula

Sarah is Leonid & Vera's daughter-in-law, and handles the website, social media pages, and puppy adoptions, as well as any medical needs the dogs or puppies may have. If you've messaged with us via Facebook or called us to ask about a puppy, it's probably Sarah you spoke with! She also handles the details and paperwork for our Europe import trips. She enjoys keeping up with our puppies and their families, and always loves receiving pictures and updates!